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Dorian Gray


Dorian Gray’s beginnings date as far back as 1992 - the year when the group came into existence. Since then they have produced three albums whose music and lyrics reflect the moods and influences members of the band have gone through and experienced during the past 20 years. Their first album was recorded in 1998, but its sound and style made little impression on music CD producing companies and spent the next ten years ‘in the drawer’. Most of the songs were written by Vadim Bušovský while the author of their lyrics was non other than the legendary poet Jozef Urban. This recording had a raw sound with a high dose of rock and roll.

The second album was recorded in 2001. The songs were written by Dorian Gray’s ex-member, Rasťo Šulc. The album’s sound and mood differ from the band’s first album, with an apparent shift toward a lighter art-rock genre. The band’s most recent album, titled ‘It Is Your Business Too’, was recorded in 2008. In this album, Dorian Gray have presented their strongest attitude to life’s injustices in both their music and lyrics. ‘It Is Your Business Too’ was produced the traditional way – with the recording made in the studio live. It was released as a double album, containing the recording of Dorian Gray 98. The songs were written by Vadim Bušovský while the lyrics´ authors were Martin Sarvaš and Braňo Moskáľ.

Among the Dorian Gray’s memorable successes is its performance before the 1996 concert of the British band Jethro Tull. In 2002, Vadim and Boris had an opportunity to play with the world renowned bass guitarist Billy Sheehan in the Bratislava club, Hysteria and finally in 2012 Dorian Gray band opened a gig for world's famous Guns N' Roses.