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Vadim Bušovský - Guitar lessons

For well over ten years, Vadim Bušovský has been working with young guitar talents as their mentor, passing his know-how and virtuosity on to them at his guitar workshops or at one on one guitar lessons. He has accumulated a wealth of experiences ranging from countless live concerts right up to the work in recoding studios – something young guitarists find especially valuable and useful to know more about.

Over the years, the rock guitarist and song writer Vadim Bušovský has perfected his own friendly method of explaining to young guitarists all they need to know as they learn to play electric guitar – from music theory right up to the playing techniques. As a guitar mentor he finds it most rewarding to see his students play excellent rock music on stage.

Vadim's students can be seen on YouTube:
Rock Workshop of Vadim Busovsky - Jam session
Peter Balaz improvisation A minor
Peter Balaz psychochase