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Dorian Gray

Double Trouble

Double Trouble – Vadim Bušovský and Rasťo Šulc (DG musicians) put together an unplugged duo in 2002.

The music repertoire of DT consists of acoustic cover versions of some of the best known rock songs of the 60´s through 90´ s period. (Beatles, Led Zeppelin, J. Hendrix, U2 etc.). Double Trouble specializes in playing at private parties and social events. The duo guarantees best-quality music of their instrumental and vocal renditions. They never sought to be a revival band. Quite the opposite, they lend the songs they play their wholly new unique sound and feel. The duo’s renditions carry a very interesting and unique musical handwriting. As a result, DT is very popular and widely sought out, giving as many as 200 concerts annually.

Rasťo Šulc – song writer and Slovak rock singer # 1 – acoustic guitar player and bass guitarist with many years of experiences in studio recording as a sound director. He has recorded a great many singles and three studio albums. He appears as gust with the best musicians on the Slovak rock stage.

Vadim Bušovský – song writer, producer, guitarist and singer. Participated as guest in a number of projects, recorded four studio albums and worked with many musicians. Founder of Dorian Gray.