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Dorian Gray

boris brna

Boris Brna is a top Slovak rock drummer and co-founder of Dorian Gray. He has been playing drums since he was fifteen. At first he learned to play drums alone. Later on, in 2000, he proceeded to study the art of playing drums under professor Zajíček´s guidance. This helped him to improve his technique and master reading and playing sheet music. His unique style has catapulted him among the best studio drummers.

On top of being a member of the Dorian Gray trio he also plays with the legendary Slovak pop group, Elán. As a guest performer in various projects he has participated in the recording of great many songs. Suffice it to mention the Dorian Gray albums (1998 and 2001), the Elán CD ‘Anjelská daň’, and the musical Osmy svetadiel (The Eight Continent). Since 2008 he has been PAISTE company player