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Dorian Gray


dorian gray

Slovak hard rock trio with many years of rich creative experience and a broad focus on rock music. Their songs reflect the way of life of the people and society in which they live and write and play their music. Dorian Gray are a group of experienced instrumentalists for whom rock and roll music is not just their lifestyle but also their means of expression. History of the band begun sometime in 1992. That said, their first hit Som tu len hosť still technically dates to the last century. However, first album titled Dorian Gray was released in 2001 followed by Aj teba sa to týka in 2008. Latest major release called Druhá tvár came out in 2013.

Songs of the new album are a bit more peaceful, inpsired by the golden era of classical rock music with slight influence of Mr. Hendrix. Attitudes to life, joys or problems will all be expressed and presented, though not by means of a protest or revolt. But one has to wait to see just how this is done until Dorian Gray will have put the final touches on the album.

The trio’s members are: Vadim Bušovský (guitar, vocals, composer, song writer), Boris Brna (drums) and Dano Urban (bass guitar).